Beach Serenity

Sometimes you just need to sit on the sand and watch the sun, sky,  and ocean create visual goodness. 

Filmed on an empty beach north of Malibu, CA

Video and music by Studio SDS.

Ibanez 5 String Remade with Multi Color Silver Leaf Finish

Completely rebuilt Ibanez bass with unique silver leaf finish.

This bass started life in 2016 as a plain black Ibanez.

It was stripped down to bare wood and rebuilt with new parts and refinished using a proprietary silver leaf gilding technique. The only original pieces are the body, neck, and nut.

Music recorded playing this bass.

Michael Tobias Design Fretless 5

“Hand crafted in the Czech Republic for Michael Tobias” – that’s what it says.  

Apparently MTD Beasts were only made for a short period of time around 2001. This one has a low serial number so I would guess it was born around that time frame.
However, it has changed and grown since then.

Our Beast has lost its frets and gone active while developing 4-conductor dual coil Bartolini soap bars instead of single coils. It’s voice changed abruptly with a Bartolini NTMB 9v preamp and grew a knob in the process.

Many other changes have occurred.

Music recorded using this bass.